Curriculum Vitae

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Abbreviated curriculum vitae

Research Interests

Improving Traceability, Legality, and Labor Rights within Seafood Supply Chains · Corporate Social Responsibility · Long-term Improvements within the Global Tuna Trade · Fishery Reform and Supply Chain Improvements in Thailand · Non-profit Management and Collaborations as a Mechanism to Drive Change · Equitable Fishery Development

Employment History

2019 Thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail

2018 Hiked 2,200 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail

2017-2018   Vice President of Traceability, FishWise

2011-Present   Assistant Specialist, Applied Math and Statistics Department, UCSC

2015-2017   Traceability Division Director, FishWise

2012-2014   Project Director, FishWise

2010-2012   Assistant Operations Director, FishWise

2008-2010   Program Manager, FishWise

2008   Teaching Assistant, Population Biology Class, MLML

2007-2009   Research Assistant, Pacific Shark Research Center, MLML

2006   Regulatory Scientist I, Water Resources Department, St. John’s River Water Management District


M.S. (Marine Science)  Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (through CSUMB), 2010

B.S.  (Marine Biology)   Florida Institute of Technology, 2005

Honors and Awards

2017 Seafood Champion Finalist                                                          

2016 Top 40 under 40 Seafood Leaders Intrafish List

Journal Articles

1.     Bird, C.S, A. Veríssimo, S. Magozzi, K.G. Abrantes, A. Aguilar, H. Al-Reasi, A. Barnett, D.M. Bethea, G. Biais, A. Borrell, M. Bouchoucha, M. Boyle, E.J. Brooks, J. Brunnschweiler, P. Bustamante, A. Carlisle,  D. Catarino, S. Caut, Y. Cherel, T. Chouvelon, D. Churchill, J. Ciancio, J. Claes, A. Colaço, D.L. Courtney, P. Cresson, R. Daly, L. de Necker, T. Endo, I. Figueiredo, A.J. Frisch, J.H. Hansen, M. Heithaus, N.E. Hussey, J. Iitembu, F. Juanes, M.J. Kinney, J.J. Kiszka, S.A. Klarian, D. Kopp, R. Leaf, Y. Li, A. Lorrain, D.J. Madigan, A. Maljković, L. Malpica-Cruz, P. Matich, M.G. Meekan, F. Ménard, G.M. Menezes, S.E.M. Munroe, M.C. Newman, Y.P. Papastamatiou, H. Pethybridge, J.D. Plumlee, C. Polo-Silva, K. Quaeck-Davies, V. Raoult, J. Reum, Y. Eden Torres-Rojas, D.S. Shiffman, O.N. Shipley, C.W. Speed, M.D. Staudinger, A.K. Teffer, A. Tilley, M. Valls, J.J. Vaudo, T. Wai, R.J. David Wells, A.S J. Wyatt, A. Yool, and C.N. Trueman. 2018. A Global Perspective on the Trophic Geography of Sharks. Nature Ecology and Evolution. 2:299-305.

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3.     Lewis, S.G. and M. Boyle. 2017. The Expanding Role of Traceability in Seafood: Tools and Key Initiatives. Journal of Food Science. 82 (S1). http://doi: 10.1111/1750-3841.13743.

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5.     Shiffman, D. S., A.J. Gallagher, M.D. Boyle, C.M. Hammerschlag-Peyer, and N. Hammerschlag. 2012. Stable isotope analysis as a tool for elasmobranch conservation research: a primer for non-specialists. Marine and Freshwater Research. 63:635-643.

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7.     Boyle, M.D. 2010. Trophic relationships of Bathraja trachura and sympatric fishes. M.S. Thesis, CSUMB.

Other Publications

1.     FishWise. March 2018. The Links Between IUU Fishing, Human Rights, and Traceability.

2.     FishWise. February 2018. Advancing Traceability in the Seafood Industry: Assessing Challenges and Opportunities.

3.     FishWise, Future of Fish, IFT GFTC, WWF. November 2017. Recommendations for Addressing Seafood Traceability and Key Data Elements.

4.     FishWise. December 2016. Social Responsibility in the Global Seafood Industry: Background and Resources.

5.     Bhatt, T., F. Blaha, M. Boyle, B. DiMento, M. Kuruc, H. Matern, P. Olsen, S. Trent. 2014. Recommendations for a Global Framework to Ensure the Legality and Traceability of Wild-Caught Fish Products.

6.     Ebert, D.A., J.J. Bizzarro, S.C. Brown, M.D. Boyle, and G.M. Cailliet. 2008. Diet and trophic ecology of skates in the Gulf of Alaska (Raja and Bathyraja spp.): ecological information for ecosystem-based management of demersal resources. North Pacific Research Board Final Report.

Selected Speaking Engagements

1.     Speaker, What’s Next? A Forum on Sustainable Seafood’s Future Priorities. Seafood Expo North America, 2018

2.     Convenor and Speaker, Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability, DataLab, 2017

3.     Speaker, Is Your Product Against the Law? Insights on Illegality in Supply Chains, Ceres Conference, 2017

4.     Speaker, Reducing Risk of IUU in Seafood Supply Chains, Seafood Expo North America, 2017

5.     Moderator, Investing in Traceability for Tomorrow, Today, Seafood Expo North America, 2017

6.     Speaker, Protecting Labor Rights in Seafood Supply Chains, 9th International Forum on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing, Chatham House, 2016

7.     Speaker, 2015, Traceability Key Data Elements, MBA Corporate Roundtable, 2015

8.     Convenor and Speaker, Traceability Best Practice Workshop, Seafood Summit 2015

9.     Convenor and Speaker, Strategy Meetings to Address Human Rights, Traceability and IUU, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, 2014

10.  Guest Lecturer, Environmental Problem Solving, UCSC, 2014

11.  Guest Lecturer, Seminar on Marine Conservation, MLML, 2014

Selected Media

1.     ‘Human rights, traceability can’t fade from focus’ Seafood Source, 2017.

2.     ‘Mariah Boyle in John Obey’ video produced by Environmental Justice Foundation, 2012.

Other Professional Activities

Moore Foundation’s Ocean and Seafood Markets Initiative Steering Committee, 2016-2018

Seafood Task Force External Stakeholder Advisory Group, 2016-2018

Seafood Traceability Collaboration Participant, 2016-2018

USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership ASEAN CDTS Technical Advisory Group, 2016-2018

British Standards Institute Steering Committee, PAS 1550 2016-2017

GFTC Traceability Architecture Technical Advisory, 2015

Participant, Expert Panel on Legal and Traceable Fish Products, convened by WWF, 2013-2015

Friends of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Scholarship Committee, 2013